At Pipa Streetfood Bar you can taste the worldly flavors of street food and freshly made cocktails!


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All around the world you’ll find food being sold on the street. These dishes are unique in every country, which gives a wide range of flavors. At Pipa Streetfood Bar we like to create a tasteful tour around the world, enjoyed best with one of our freshly made cocktails.

Pipa Streetfood Bar

During a trip to the Brazilian village of Pipa we tasted the best street food ever. This inspired us to convert the concept of our restaurant into a street food bar. And now we wouldn’t want it any other way! Pipa Streetfood Bar has listed the most popular world dishes for you. Our dinner is served in shared dining style. This gives you the opportunity to taste different dishes and flavors.

Taste the worldly flavors in the colorful restaurant or settle down on the sunny terrace. One side of the terrace is next to Morspoort and the other side is next to Park de Put with a view of the windmill. Are you walking around the Singelpark? Then Pipa is the perfect place for a break!

Have a look at our cocktail menu with the best classics, but also delicious specials. Each cocktail is made fresh to order. All cocktails are only € 8 on Wednesday and Thursday from 16:00 and Saturday between 21:00 and 23:00!

PIPA Streetfood bar | Leiden

PIPA Streetfood Bar
Morsstraat 60
2312 BN Leiden

Opening hours:
Monday:            closed
Tuesday:            from 12:00
Wednsesday:    from 12:00
Thursday:         from 12:00
Friday:               from 11:00
Saturday:          from 11:00
Sunday:             from 11:00